Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Gracie!

This is a link to see all of the photos from Gracie's 5th birthday bash! She had a pool party at Kingston Community Center and it was a HIT! Fun was had by ALL!
Her actual birthday was Tuesday the 23rd. She got her bicycle and new Nike Shox. She loved both of those gifts. We usually take her out to eat for her birthday, but this years request was alittle different. Trampas asked her where she wanted to go on her birthday and she said Gander Mtn. and then to eat. So that's what we did. Me, Trampas, Colton, Gracie, Emma and my mom all loaded up and went to Gander Mtn and Texas Roadhouse. It was fun. I can't believe she is 5 already though! It has just flown by like crazy!

Now we get to start thinking about Ms. Emma's big birthday bash that will coming up in just a few short months!! Stay tuned!
I hope everyone is having a great summer!

Monday, June 8, 2009

So here we are at our new blogspot. Man am I way behind. We have all been doing great, just extremely busy! I have been working a lot, T has been working a lot and SUPER hard, Gracie has ballgames every week and Emma keeps us all on our toes..constantly!! Life couldn't be any better though. So I will try to catch up a little....

May 9th was the last time I saw my uncle Eddie alive. He passed away on May 12th. My heart is still breaking because of this loss! If you don't know, he was like a dad to me growing up. I have always been super close to him and my aunt Vicki because they never had children, just me. Trampas, Gracie and Emma became very close to them as well! But Eddie went on to heaven and I know he is much better off now. He lost a SHORT battle to pancreatic cancer (well that is where it started). He was diagnosed in Feb., went thru a lot of tests, treatments, transfusions and chemo only for it to progressively get worse. I know that he is still with us everyday, it's just hard to know that he can't be here physically. We are all still in shock. If you will, please say a special prayer for my aunt Vicki and the rest of our family!
<--- Vicki & Eddie

We planned a last minute trip to Panama City for Memorial Day weekend only to endure Tropical Storm Anna! We got there on Friday evening in the rain and the entire beach was closed most of Saturday due to rain (tornadoes in the ocean). Sunday we got to play by the pool for about an hour before it started storming again. So we decided to get in the car and drive to St. George Island (T lived here for a while when he was younger). We got to spend a couple of hours on the beach there with NO rain! Of course while we were there we enjoyed plenty of shopping and eating! All in all we had fun just getting away from all the hustle and bustle for a few days. I forgot to mention that we talked my aunt Vicki into going with us so she could get away!

Well that takes care of May and June is just beginning... so stay tuned. Here are some pics from the last couple of months!